Thursday, December 2, 2021

Hair Of The Day: Why Bone Straight Hair Is The New Dress Code

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An e-flier has been circulating of a birthday party and guess what the entry code is – Bone Straight Hair. True, this hair is not a new thing, but why is it suddenly becoming a critrai to attend a party, and why is everybody seeming to be talking about it so much.
Well, Bone Straight Hair is a sleek, never tangling hair. There is something about a thing being straight as bone, so yeah, the hair must have gotten the one of its names from there.Hair Of The Day: Why Bone Straight Hair Is The New Dress Code If you have a wig or hair and it is straight, well, you have not scored the whole marks. If it ever tangles or has some bumps, nope, it’s not acceptable in the BSH category.
The weave is usually lush, soft and smooth, taking less time in brushing or combing. Most times, when not used roughly the last time, a simple straightening with the fingers will do justice. So you see, it saves time and everyone’s got no time untangling and brushing all day long.
Another reason this hair type must have become a dress or invite code for such party is its price – it’s original is really expensive, and it is believed that only well to do and classy ladies can afford it. Such ladies attending a party will of course add glamour to it, and those who can’t are seen as less average.Expensive or not, you can make yours even from the confines of your room. All you need is a sleek attachment, wig cap, needle, thread, bonding glue, closure, hot water (to bring out the silkiness) and oil to treat the hair after wigging.
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Brush the wig until it starts to bounce and you are ready to slay like the diva that you are. You do not have to break your bank just ot join the bone straight hair geng.
Bone Straight Hair Is The New Dress Code
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