I Rarely Get Sexual Advances From Male Colleagues – Juliet Ibrahim

Popular Nollywood actress, Juliet Ibrahim has disclosed that amidst the allegations of rape and sexual assault stories that pervade the Nollywood industry, she is not hit on by male colleagues.

Juliet IbrahimAccording to her, while she is not displacing the stories of those who have been assaulted, she rarely gets sexual advances from male colleagues.

Speaking in an interview with The Nation, she shared her experience of sexual harassment in the Nollywood industry.

“I’ll say rarely. We are colleagues and when we all meet on set or at events we are focused on working and networking rather than making advances at one-another to ruin a beautiful working relationship. For me, I would rather date outside my industry.

Read more: KOKOnista of The Day: Talented Juliet Ibrahim Is A Natural Beauty With Banging Enviable Body“Unfortunately I haven’t had such experiences in the industry. However, rape is happening and occurring in every form of work place. I commend every woman or man who’s able to speak up and overcome the stigma as well as bring these evil rapists to light.

“I am a rape victim so I understand what it means to carry such a burden inside of you for many years until you finally gather courage to speak up boldly about it. Most women are strong to speak up eventually but I know men who never ever get to speak up because of fear and stigmatization.

“The closest I came to a form of harassment was when a director asked me to look down at his pants and see his hard on. He said he was turned on by me just walking by. And I quietly walked away and made sure I never worked with him on any set again,” Juliet Ibrahim said.Photo Credit: Instagram

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