Nigerians Were Forced To Accept Coronavirus – Governor Yahaya Bello

The Kogi State governor Yahaya Bello has once again come out to share his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria. The governor of the state shared his thoughts on the pandemic at a prayer session for late Nasir Ajana, Kogi chief judge and said it is a disease created to put fear and panic in the mind of the people.

According to Yahaya Bello, Nigerians were forced to accept the disease as a part of their lives and the disease was created to shorten the lifespan of people. “Whether medical experts and scientists believe it or not, COVID-19 is out to shorten the lifestyle of the people, it is a disease propagated by force for Nigerians to accept. “COVID-9 is only out to create fear, panic – orchestrated to reduce and shorten the lifespan of the people.”
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