Food: Treat Yourself To Some Mouthwatering Irish Potatoes Moin-Moin

FOOD: Treat Yourself To Some Mouthwatering Irish Potatoes Moin-Moin
Hey yo KOKOFoodies! TGIFF!! It’s another day on our segment and it is all about Irish Potatoes Moin-Moin. Just now, I am wondering how perfect Friday is for us to talk Food. You know it’s that day that takes us away from the stress, hustles and bustles of the week to the fun and restful weekend days when we can relax, flex and explore our kitchen! It really is a perfect timing and today as said, we are exploring Irish Potatoes moin-moin.
When I first came across this recipe, my gosh, I was awed but at the same time not surprised. I was amazed because yam family of all things are for swallow, frying or better still baking, so how we got to moin-moin is just amazing. But on the other hand, I am a preacher of exploration and trying out new things too so yeah, I like it! I also came across Irish potatoes sauce (more like the garden egg sauce) but we’ll be having that on another day.
Irish Potatoes Moin-Moin coated with some veggies
Whether or not you are tired of having Irish Potatoes in the regular fried, boiled or porridge way, you can mash it and make a delicious and mouth-watering moin-moin with little ingredient. What amazes me about the Irish potatoes moin-moin is its easiness to prepare, time saving nature and the whole amazing nutritional packs. I will be trying it myself this weekend (though I may use sweet potato if I can’t find Irish) and will surely bring you the news of what it turns out to be. But before I do, you must have this recipe too and when you do too try this out, let me know!
Irish Potatoes, Sardine, Onions, Seasoning Cubes, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Curry, Ginger, Boiled Eggs and some Veggies (Peas, Carrot and others you may wish to add)
How To Make
Peel your Irish and cut it into cubes, then boil it with little salt. Don’t let it get overly soft before you bring it down and drain the water. Then boil the veggies (peas, carrots) till soft and set aside.
In a bowl, mash the boiled Irish potatoes with some amount of water (so it reduces the thickness a bit) till smooth. Add in the boiled eggs, sardine, vegetable oil, ginger powder, garlic, seasoning cubes, spices and the veggies as you would do for moin-moin with beans.
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Stir all together to ensure the ingredients are well circulated, then scoop into nylons or any other steaming container you have. Place all in a pot of water and leave to boil for 15 minutes. You can also bake at this point, it is your choice. When done, you may serve your Irish potatoes moin-moin with pepper soup or eat alone.  Isn’t this yummy. A great way to utilize your potatoes
FOOD: Treat Yourself To Some Mouthwatering Irish Potatoes Moin-Moin
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