#EndSARS Protesters Launch Online Radio “Soro Soke”

The Nigerian Youths leading the voice of the #EndSARS protest who have called for the total overhaul and reform of the Nigeria Police Force have now launched an online radio station “Soro Soke”.Soro Soke Radio

The Channel is set to target an effective platform through which it can reach a larger audience with timely efficient communication which is expected to aid the coordination of #EndSARS protest nationwide.
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When tuned in to the station around 1 pm on Sunday, programmes and live reports of missing and found #EndSARS protests were escalated on the radio, https://s4.radio.co/s99d55c85b/listen.

Songs calling for a reformed Nigeria were also heard on the station.

Soro Soke, a Yoruba sentence which translates as ‘Speak Up,’ had last week become a mantra of the #EndSARS campaign after protesters in Lagos State urged Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to ‘Soro Soke’ whilst addressing the youths.

“Soro Soke” has now become a metaphor now synonymous for all Nigerians to speak up against bad governance and resist corrupt leaders.

The Twitter handle of the station, @Sorosoke247, reads, “24/7 update on all things protest. We are for a better nation powered by value for life and good governance.”

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