Diary Of A Naija Teen: The Earlier You Move Up, The Better

Hi dearest Naija Teens, it is another Tuesday and I am so glad to be on our diary again. Today, something nice dropped in my mind and I thought to talk you through it. I have been talking to a few of power teens in my capacity and one thing I have come to figure is that adults, people and parents will not always be there for you.
Just as it is impossible for one person (take you for instance) to be everywhere at the same time, so it is impossible for your parents and other adults to be there for you every time.Diary Of A Naija Teen: The Earlier You Move Up, The Better
Don’t misunderstand me, this does not mean you are alone in the world or will not have people to care for you – of course NOT! But then, there are certain times you will need to be the ones to take certain decisions.
I’ll use myself as an example, so we get the logic and then I make the very important point I need you to understand. Sometime in 2018, I had a lot happening to and around me and found a very good mentor to talk to about them. But as we talked, I noticed she wouldn’t tell me do this or do that.
She’d rather ask me questions and then ask what I want. If I say this, then she’d ask me to give it a trial, though, we both must have weighed the pros and cons for the act. For some times, she wouldn’t talk to me or ask me for updates and then later, she’d call to ask. She then would tell me she intentionally stayed off for me to figure out what I want and act it to the best of my capacity without influence. So through all of those, I grew to take decisions that are powerful and where I need help, I ask accordingly, and later I found out that is actually a very great method.Diary Of A Naija Teen: The Earlier You Move Up, The BetterNow looking around the world today, I found out that in one way or the other, everyone at one point or the other is left to yourself to take decisions of life, and as a teenager, you are not left out. This doesn’t mean your parents hate you or are not responsible but it is not even a nice idea that they do not help you with everything about life. They shouldn’t choose you the course to study in University, the career to walk or the friends to make and so many more. They are rather there for you to guide and direct you on how to make good choices as a teenager and then into an adult.
So this is my point for today, the earlier you step ip your mind and be able to make better and great decisions about life, the better.
In one of our diaries, I remember talking about Top 10 Things You Should Focus On And Master At Your Teen Age, those will prepare you greatly for the future ahead.
In addition, responsibility begets maturity and increases self-esteem, so as you recognize that you are a capable person. You should be responsible for your homework, own room, cleaning up after own projects, handling emergencies in the best way you can and many more as this helps you to be more independent and not having to wait for others before you do certain things.
Again, this does not mean you have to refuse advises and the guard of your parents, but it is better you have a focus for life earlier than growing up not knowing anything about life and then struggling.Diary Of A Naija Teen: The Earlier You Move Up, The Better
My dear Naija teen, I hope this stirs up something in you to be more responsible and up. Note that you do not need to work yourself up and stress yourself out all in the name of wanting to be mature, all you just need do is search inwards for your goals, objectives and interests and build around it for maximisation. Ask quality questions and have good conversations that can add value, have fun when you need do, after all, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and then filter things happening around you to determine the good one to take up.
Till next Tuesday when I come your way, endeavour to stay safe and be good. I Love You!
Diary Of A Naija Teen: The Earlier You Move Up, The Better
Ask quality questions, have conversations that add value and have fun when necessary
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