Dear Parents, This Is The Key To Your Teens’ Heart

Hello lovelies, it’s Tuesday again and of course, it is again another time on our diary. I have had a lot going on in my head and around me and today, I want to let you in one of them, relating to our parents.
I am not reporting them, lol, but I want to talk to our parents in our teens diary today. You know I like to give you gists in full so, I’ll tell you how this came about.
One of the my teenagers and I had a discussion and I found out a lot has been happening with him and unfortunately, his single mom doesn’t care, so unfortunate.Dear Parents, Sensitivity Is The Key To Your Teens HeartI know I can be of help but my thing is before I take any step of solution, I try to ensure we bring in the parent/guardian in because I am not responsible for the teens (I am not their parents and at such, have little or no control over them), and this is where the glitch is about him. His story may require us seeing a specialist and other professionals and I have been trying to get him to talk to his mom to no avail… You know why? He says she doesn’t care. This is not a thought but something he is certain of, how? He claimed to have talked to the mom about it sometime ago but she didn’t say anything about it at all. Let me give you a huge clue – He was sexually molested and has been battling a health challenge that if not taken care of may degenerate into something big in the future, I do not even know the stage it is at now.
I felt so bad and powerless, and I am more than surprised to so many parents that do not connect with their teenagers, especially parents who are literates and professionals in their fields. I need his mom to be in the know but he doesn’t want to and she on the other hand, doesn’t even seem to care or be sensitive to him, and this is why I need to talk to our parents today!
Dear Parents, we know it is a lot of work battling life and all and having a balance in all, we know as teenagers, we can be quite handful and hard to raise but of course, you are still our parents. We know it is awkward sometimes or many times to have some talks with us, but it is pertinent you discuss really intimate things with your teenagers. Topics like sex, their career path, rape and sexual assault, their emotions and feelings, relationships and dating, and many more should be discussed intensely… The key to your teens’ heart is you being sensitive to their emotions, they are the bedrock of human feelings and reactionsDear Parents, Sensitivity Is The Key To Your Teens Heart
A lot of things happen to the teenagers that they will not like to share but if you are sensitive to them and are so welcoming, being bestfriends with them will not be a hard thing and freely, you have their the keys to their hearts in your hands. One thing I can be sure of is teenagers will not like to open up to you, especially if you are not sensitive to their emotions, you are always chasing them away or always blowing things up. If you do any of these, then you are putting your teenagers in the danger of getting advises and teachings from somewhere else and you know what? That may be very brutal because the knowledge they may get may be harmful or the things they keep to themselves may blow up to be destructive.
I really want to say more but I will have to stop here today. Come Tuesday next week, I promise to continue and tell  5 reasons it is important to be sensitive to your teenagers’ emotions and discuss heartily with them. In one of our diary sessions, I listed 5 Honest Discussions Parents Should Have With Their Teens, going through them may be of help on areas to focus on. Till then dear parents, please do your very best in being in your teenagers’ life, not just financially or relatively but emotionally and strategically. We love you!
Dear Parents, Sensitivity Is The Key To Your Teens Heart
Mom and her teen having a talk
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