Daddy Freeze Defends Tonto Dikeh Says Her Son Won’t Be Affected By Her Interview

Daddy Freeze who conducted the much talked about 40-seconds Tonto Dikeh interview has come out to defend her saying her son won’t be affected by the result of the controversial news. Tonto who brought receipts to the interview said her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill was a deadbeat dad who lasts only “40 seconds”. She shared that she was opening up for the sake of her son, so he can see the fight she put up for him. But social media users have criticised her saying her son will suffer from the effect. Daddy Freeze has, however, has said he doesn’t think her son, King Andre will be affected by the interview. This he revealed in a youtube video he shared: “Guys, the world is not going to be like the world we grew up in, where the things that mattered to your parents are going to matter. If the Kardashians are not embarrassed by Caitlyn Jenner and Dream (Kardashian) is not embarrassed by Blac Chyna and Blac Chyna’s mum. I think you guys need to understand that the world is evolving into something else and coming all out to speak is actually going to be valued by the upcoming generation.”He also added: “I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything Tonto said affecting her child in the future. Unless it’s not this future that we’re going into.” On his Instagram page, Freeze also shared that: “Brand new video alert, since we have embraced modernization, we have stop cherry picking and embrace all that comes with it. Those saying her son will be affected by her speaking out are only clowning around, afraid to let go, despite the world’s visible evolution. They are, as a result of a flawed moral compass, creating forlornly, a deluded make-believe world, as an odd in-between compromise, between their reality and their delusions. In the actuality of the new world we are all creating, she’ll be a hero, so deal with it! ~FRZ 

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