Child Labour: Tweep Narrates Encounter With Underage Bus Conductor

Child Labour
In one of the nations where child labour is rampant is Nigeria. Children whose parents cannot take care of them alone are made to work, in the name of assisting their parents, and do hard labour where they should be getting quality education, and the country is not helping.
A Nigerian tweep took to the streets of Twitter to narrate her experience on a bus with a young boy as its conductor, and the pity she felt seeing the obviously underage male going through such.
Everyone in this bus I entered told the obviously underage boy conductor to get off the door he was hanging on and someone at the back ‘lapped’ him… the poor boy was so tired that he fell asleep almost immediately with his head on my shoulder and I don’t know how to feel”, @bougie_blackie began
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In another tweet, she noted how the boy got almost emotional when she gave him some money. “I gave him some money when I alighted and he looked like he was going to cry. I hate what they’re doing to us in this country and I hate how so many people are poor and suffering”, she added. See some reactions that followed the tweets below: Photos Credit: Twitter

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