Celebs Don Dey Plenty Pass Fans – Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy
Nigeria is blessed with talents and human resources so much that almost on a monthly basis, new stars are found and brought to limelight, and Don Jazzy thinks their numbers is outweighing their fans.
From reality shows, talent hunts, media and other limelight careers to comedies and social media skits, people are bring churned into to celebrity zone, and those at the quota of the fans have to divide their hearts and love for their ‘faves’.
So many times, it gets so toxic that fans of a particular celebrity stage fights and troll the fans of other celebrities and even their celebrity. They also many times, fuel fights between and among celebrities.
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Speaking in a tweet, Don Jazzy, in his sarcastic way, classified himself as a fan and noted that the celebrities are outweighing them in numbers. “These celebrities don Dey plenty pass us fans now o”, he tweeted.Photos Credit: Instagram
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