We Are Sorry! Celebrities Should’ve Started The #EndSARS Protest Since – Rudeboy

Singer and one of the leading voice of the #EndSARS protest Paul Okoye “Rudeboy” has taken to social media to apologise to Nigerians saying celebrities should’ve started a protest of such like that of the #EndSARS own a long time ago. Rudeboy

Mr Rudeboy who is one of the Psquare duo, on his page wrote we are tired of the “off the mic generation” saying though they should’ve started this protest thing a long time ago, though it never too late.

He tweeted;

On behalf of all the celebrities…… I apologise to all Nigerians, aswear we for don start dis thing since, but never to late. we move
We are tired of the “off the mic generation “ we move

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