Bride Jumps Off Balcony To ‘Be With’ Husband Who Died After Their Wedding

A heartbroken new bride jumped off a balcony so she could “be with” her husband who had killed himself just days after their wedding.

A 32-year-old contractor in India’s Ujjain district, took his own life on Wednesday and was found poisoned inside his crashed car.

He had left behind a suicide note blaming two engineers from a local authority, saying he had suffered harassment at work. His wife, a medical student in her 20s, was so overcome with grief she wrote a note saying she wanted to join her husband and jumped off a balcony at a shopping centre in Indore, a west-central city in India, on Friday morning.

The wife survived the fall but is being treated in hospital for serious injuries to her head and legs, according to local media reports. The couple had tied the knot just over two weeks ago
Following the groom’s death, the bride’s father had arrived to take her back to her parents’ home in Faridabad. They had been staying in a hotel when she tried to kill herself and was due to board a flight on Friday afternoon.

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She had told her father she was going out to get a drink but instead went to the shopping centre four miles away. Shopping centre staff rushed the woman to a nearby hospital. Police said the woman had written a note saying she wanted to join her husband.

A police spokesman told local media: “It is a case of attempted suicide. The woman has been hospitalised. We are looking into the matter.”

A criminal case against the two engineers named in the groom’s suicide note, as well as a third person, for alleged abetment – assisting – to suicide, by police. A police spokesman said: “A suicide note was found from his possession which is being examined.” So far no arrests have been made.

India has the highest suicide rate in the South-East Asian region, according to a recent report by the World Health Organization.

The report released a day before World Suicide Prevention Day put India’s suicide rate at 16.5 suicides per 100,000 people, from 2016 figures. Sri Lanka stands second in the region with a suicide rate of 14.6 and Thailand (14.4) third.

India also had the third-highest female suicide rate (14.7) in the world after Lesotho (24.4) and Republic of Korea (15.4).

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