Balqeez Da’ud Is The Stunning Muslimah Showing Us How To Curate Modest Looks

Modest fashion and style is gradually gaining grounds and finding it’s feet in the world of fashion. A few modest style bloggers have made it their goal to bring out the beauty in modest fashion and project it for others to see. Style blogger Balqeez Da’ud is one of such muslimah’s who constantly curates the most fabulous modest look for her followers to see and also draw inspiration from.

We love how she is able to influence other Muslimahs to be themselves regardless of what people say. Balqeez Da’ud is a gorgeous Muslim and we are proud of her as she takes modesty to the next level. The medical practitioner and modest blogger has a large following of over 10k Young Muslimah’s who she inspires and shows what modest fashion is all about.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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