Aso-Ebi Style: See These Five Eccentric Aso-Ebi Styles That Are Sure To Turn Heads At Owanbes

There’s that particular confidence that follows your donning the perfect Aso ebi style at an owanbe. You glow while dancing, taking selfies, stepping in and out, the day just seems perfect for you. That feeling although isn’t restricted to Nigerian parties alone, as they are generally extended to any occasion you look good for, but with the owanbe, you feel different. Maybe its the beautiful decor, the fact that all eyes are on you, or because everyone wants to take selfies with you and you are so sure you’d make it to Koko’s aso ebi style, its mostly one reason or the other. We cannot stress enough how absolutely necessary it is to step up your game in the aso ebi department. This is why we have once again curated five beautiful and eccentric aso ebi styles for your next owanbe. So, get your fashion designers on speed dial as you go through the pictures because they are sure to have you blown away. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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