Actress Idah Alisha Emotionally Opens Up On Domestic Violence

Kenyan actress, Idah Alisha has summoned courage to speak about the domestic violence she suffered in her short-lived marriage to her long-time love Roy Upton, in an emotional video.

When the two tied the knot in 2013, Idah was over the moon with joy as she finally got married to the love of her life, however, her joy turned to sadness not long after. The announcement started with rumours few years after that the two were getting separated due to domestic violence. Years later, Idah has finally opened up about the pain of her short-lived marriage In her video she posted on her Facebook page titled ‘Dating An Abuser’.Actress Idah Alisha Opens Up On Domestic Violence

The actress popularly known as Olive recalled how she was heartbroken, beaten, dragged around, held down and pummeled by the one she loved and thought loved her too. She found herself thinking back to her childhood. The scenarios constantly reminded her of the sufferings her mother also faced from her father. “I was like three or four years old and I witnessed my dad being abusive to my mum. I have a sister, Jackie, she is eight years older than me, and I know she probably witnessed this longer than I did. I remember there was a time he was standing over me in the same position my dad stood over my mum“, she narrated in the video.

Actress Idah Alisha Opens Up On Domestic Violence
Actress idah Alisha

Going further, she noted that her biggest mistake was opening up to people who lived around, as, at some points, she was convinced that his slaps and beatings were her faults and she was to blame for them.
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I met this guy, he was a prince charming. If anyone had told me anything else about him, I would have told them off. I have told this story to a few people. My friends told me I was in a relationship with a narcissist, but, being in love, you don’t want to hear anything negative. The first time he slapped me I was like, wait a minute, it must be this mouth, I must have said something reckless that made him angry. We make excuses, we are like he doesn’t hurt like that. He said sorry and we moved on,” she revealed further.

She noted also, mostly like as a fact than a piece of advice that raising a child in an abusive household raises an abuser or a victim.

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