7 Most Dangerous Fascists’ In History

Fascism is the process at which the state controls every facet of life of the citizens. Citizens have no right, opinions, and are subjects to the will of the state.

There are several leaders with fascists tendencies throughout the history of mankind. Koko TV presents the top 7 fascists leaders in history.

7. Ivan The Terrible

The Russian King was called Ivan the terrible because of his brutal way of ruling his people.

  • Reign: 1547 to 1584
  • Number of People Killed: 60,000+
  • Death: 28 March 1584

6. Sadam Hussein

Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi dictator that served as the fifth president of Iraq between 1979 and 2003. Serving as a leading member of the revolutionary movement known as the “Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party” (which espoused both Arab socialism and nationalism), Saddam first came to power during the 1968 coup that seized control of Iraq for his party.

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  • Reign: 1979 to 2003
  • Number of People Killed: 250,000 to 1-Million People
  • Death: 30 December 2006

5) Pol Pot

The infamous Pol Pot was a Cambodian revolutionary (and later politician) who served as Prime Minister of Cambodia between 1976 and 1979. Classified as a Marxist-Leninist in his ideals

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  • Reign: 1963 to 1981
  • Number of People Killed: 1.5 to 2 Million People
  • Death: 15 April 1998

4) King Leopold of Belgium

Leopold II was the second King of the Belgians and served on the throne from 1865 to 1909. Born in Brussels to Leopold I and Louise of Orleans, Leopold II ascended to the throne at the age of 30

  • Reign: 1865 to 1909
  • Number of People Killed: 10+ Million People
  • Death: 17 December 1909

3. Adolf Hitler

The infamous Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born dictator who ruled Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.

  • Reign: 1933 to 1945
  • Number of People Killed: 19+ Million People
  • Death: 30 April 1945

2. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was a Georgian revolutionary that served as General Secretary of the Soviet Union between 1924 and 1953.

  • Reign: 1924 to 1953
  • Number of People Killed: 40+ Million People
  • Death: 5 March 1953
  1. Genghis Khan

    • The infamous Genghis Khan was the founder (and Great Khan) of the Mongol Empire between 1206 and 1227.
    • Reign: 1206 to 1227
    • Number of People Killed: 40+ Million People
    • Death: 18 August 1227

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