8 Contemporary Aso Ebi Style Inspo With Face Masks

Face Mask wearing has now become a significant part of our daily fashion as long as you want to stay safe and protect yourself. That’s why these Aso Ebi styles with Face masks are the perfect Inspo for y’all party-rockers and Owanbe slayers.

You want to walk in at that weekend Owanbe looking stunning, perfectly glammed up, stylish as ever, but still protecting yourself covering your nose and mouth with a face mask that works perfectly with your Aso Ebi outfit.

Yeah! we ain’t letting Coronavirus cramp our style we always turn up for y’all our beautiful KOKOnista, Here below some of the most creative contemporary Aso Ebi Inspo with face masks:

  1. Go For the Complete Cover-up:
  2. A Mix Of Ankara And Lace:

Aso Ebi Style With Face Masks

3. Go bold and sexy:

4. Short Gown Combo:

5. Iro And Buba Always Give That Elegant look:

6. Look The Perfect Ijaw Queen Mrs Stylish:

7. The Puffy Sleeves Aso Ebi Style with Face Mask:

8. The Long Gown Aso Ebi Style With Face Masks:


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