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Prostitutes, Pastors And 8 Other Professionals That Coronavirus Shutdown Affects The Most

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Since the outbreak of the global pandemic the Coronavirus COVID-19, the world economy has suffered hugely with even global brands having to downsize, wealth countries of the world cutting back of their annual budget it is only rational to imagine those at the bottom of the echelon who this might hit the most also. People Most Affected by Coronavirus

In mild research taken after the recent implementation of the lockdown policy put in place in Lagos and in some part of the country to find out those that might currently be experiencing serious low returns at their service providing hustles and below is the list of those most affected.

  1. Prostitutes: Due to the fear of contracting the disease. Since after the WHO also confirmed that the disease can be transmitted sexually too, this has lead to fears by patronisers of some of Lagos brothels to avoid patronising. Even some of the commercial sex workers have turned down some service jobs also in fears of contracting the deadly, a particular sex worker interviewed complained of having just 2 customers in 4 days.

    Prostitutes Shut-down because of Coronavirus
    Prostitutes Shut-down because of Coronavirus
  2. Beer Parlour: Restaurants owners in that have also been hit badly because of the shutdown and restrictions put in place where you can’t have more than 20 people together at any gatherings across Lagos State in bid to curb the Coronavirus outspread. Bear in mind also that gatherings of more than 50 aren’t allowed across the country in general.
  3. Clubs: Clubs have also been shut down too, this period is what they call in Local parlance “bad business”, but most understand why these policies are being put in place even though some don’t support it.
  4. Eateries: Eat out eateries have also been hit severely as restrictions have been put in place that people can’t stay in and eat but they can buy and leave.
  5. Street Food Vendors: Street food vendors and hawkers are one of those who have also being deprived of their means of livelihood the biggest
  6. Strip Clubs: Strip clubs naturally is a place where clothes and bodywear don’t stay on the bodies of the performers for long nor on the bodies of the erotic dancers, and that’s the main attraction of the place but with the outbreak of this global pandemic it becomes more difficult to for anybody to want to strip nor even allow a belle dancer who had stripped nude, had money pinned into her bikini or her boobs fondled by on customer and move to another customer and touch the same body that was just fondled with earlier and share body contact and fluid.
  7. Schools: School owners and the educational system is another part of the system that has been badly hit by the Coronavirus shutdown, this is another part of the service sector currently that is counting its loses as the current school calendar has been suspended indefinitely.
  8. Hairstylist/Barber Salon: Barbering salons, hairstylist shops have also been shut-down across the state and this is another sensitive part of the service community that due to the regular body contact. Their business has been badly hit since they’re a none essential for human survival all salons are on lockdown.
  9. Churches: This is another sensitive sector of the Nigerian society, some pastors are already giving directives that members of the churches can pay for their tithes via internet banking and transfer or by other means if direct means are not possible. Some pastors even defied the laws of large gatherings and went ahead as to hold services at their churches. Nigeria probably one of the most religious countries in the world, it’s thought worthy of pondering about to think of how Nigerians and the business centre churches would survive during this period.
  10. Viewing Centers: Football leagues across the world have all been suspended indefinitely, it worthy of thought of how viewing centres and those who make their finances from such business continue to survive, including sports betting shop and sport betting firms. CoronavirusPhoto Credit: Getty
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