7 Jaw-dropping Ladies Ankara Trends For February 2020

Ankara fabric
Ankara trends, designs and fabric is definitely at its apogee. Perhaps, Africans and specifically Nigerians are seeking to go back to their root and the fabric provides a good opportunity or maybe it’s just the love for the fabric.

And what is there to not love about Ankara? The fabric is positioning itself to become the continent’s most loved fabric. Coming in rich, beautiful and bright prints, it attracts those who want to rock class, style and are all about fashion.

The year has kicked itself into the second month and we will be sharing some stunning 7 Ankara trends that you as a lady must definitely try out. If you want to stand out and be different, and of course get the guys drooling and the ladies envious, this 7 Ankara trends are just the perfect slay outfit for you;

  1. Ankara Suit
    In place of your formal suit, the three or the two-piece suit, why not rock this trendy suit? And who says you can’t look like this on a Monday? Believe me, your colleagues are going to want to meet your fashion designer, that I can bet!

    Women Ankara suit
    Ankara Trends For 2020

2. Plain Tees with a touch of Ankara
Everyone, or almost everyone loves plain tees because they are comfortable, stylish and simple. However, plain tees can be more with a touch of Africa’s beloved fabric, be it stripped or otherwise.
Women ankara tshirt

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3. Ankara Headgear
The beautiful African fabric has taken every spot of fashion and dressing and it does not limit its tentacles to shirts and skirts. These fashionable headgears are delightful to behold and always sit atop the African woman’s head like a regal crown.

You can rock it when you wear a plain tee or as might suit your fancy.
Women Ankara Headgear
4. Ankara Hoodies
We all love hoodies but women do more. In fact, some people believe that in a relationship, the man’s hoodie are actually hers. Why not go for these trendy fabric hoodies?

If not for anything, but for the fact that they will make you stand out. These hoodies are a lovelies, the Ankara trend for every stunning woman out there desiring to make a fashion statement.
Women Ankara Hoodies, Ankara Trends
5. Ankara Short
So, you want to look simple? Yet create that spark; have every head turning in your direction as you sashay down the streets, then these sexy shorts are your best bet.

They are always comfy and convenient and can either be normal shorts or bum shorts, depending on your preference. The beautiful thing about the fabric patterned shorts is that they can be worn anytime.

Definitely a fashion trend that must not slip by you before the end of this month of love.

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6. Ankara Bomber Jacket and Joggers
You ask a question about fashion trend? These bomber jacket and joggers is the resounding answer. You just must try this out if you do not already have it in your collection.

There’s just something about the fabric bomber jacket and joggers that make them unique and a standout. Perhaps its the glamour they add to clothing or the brag and swag they add to your confidence level.

Whatever it is, these bomber jackets and their corresponding jackets are a 2020 must-try.
Ankara bomber jackets and Joggers
7. Ankara fabric Shoes
They say apart from a smile, shoes are the first most noticed item on a person. Shoes count and as much as they are a needed fashion statement, a good number of people miss them.

However, with the fabric covered shoes, you can do no wrong. From stilettos to sneakers and coated wedges, you cannot go wrong with this fashion trend.

Ankara patterned shoes
Ankara Trends For 2020

Give people a pleasant surprise, such that when they look at your feet they find them neatly sheltered inside these fabric canopied shoes.

Ankara sneakers Ankara women heels


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