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Lekki Massacre! 6 Peaceful Protests In Nigeria’s History That Turned Bloody

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The Lekki Massacre shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows and has live long enough to remember some other peaceful protests that have turned sour and gone bloody due to negligence and the inhumane government and leaders Nigeria has been cursed with. Lekki Massacre Peaceful protests turned bloody

The Lekki Massacre is just a further indictment that the current and previous government this country has had are all nothing but old men filled and driven by greed, hatred, nepotic dispositions. They lack a clear vision and understanding of what democracy is all about and would do anything to subjugate its citizens in perpetual oppression, poverty and state of debridement.
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Just to put the case-point in view below are 7 other times the Nigerian government have unleashed horror on its own citizens just because they demanded good governance, freedom and the ability to live their lives to the best possible height.

April 1978 – Ali must go protest: countless killed, this protest took place 40-years-ago, under former military and democratic head of state Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the height of this protest over 40 students were killed across the nation. With the first death record at Unilag.

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May 1989 – SAP Riot: This protest to place over 31 years ago under the former head of state General Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida, over 150 students were killed. The demonstration was held at different universities across the country. Report from history also stated that students freed 600 prisoners and set the Benin prison on fire.

July 1993 – June 12 Protest: This was one of the greatest democratic robbery ever experienced in Nigeria. This was the day Chief MKO Abiola was democratically elected as president of Nigeria on the platform of SDP, but was denied his mandate by the then military head of state Major-General Ibrahim Gbadmosi Babangida, which now lead to democracy day now celebrated on June 12 in memory of the freest and fair election this country has ever witnessed. Major-General Babangida declared the election as null and void which led to massive protests across the country that nearly destroyed Nigeria as a political entity.

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July 1998 – Protests After the Death of MKO Abiola: countless killed

January 2012 – Occupy Nigeria Protests: Countless killed, This protest started as a resistance to the increase in petroleum prices and the removal of subsidy under the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration. It led to killings across the country.

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October 2020 – #EnddSARS Protests: This protest started organically, with young people mobilizing themselves on the social media platform Twitter. The protest had been peaceful requesting that the government put an end to police brutality, disbanding of the rogue police unit the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, and for the government to completely reform the Nigerian Police force. While demand for the prosecution of ex-SARS operative, and that of any police officer found guilty of extra-judicial killings.

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