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6 Nutritious And Sumptuous Breakfast Ideas Other Than Bread And Tea

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Nothing kicks off the day with much gusto than a refreshing breakfast. If you’re tired of the constant bread and tea breakfast duo, try other varied early morning deals that not only satisfy the energy demand but also provides a sumptuous delicacy.

Here are a few breakfast recommendations that are easy to make, tasty and are healthier food choices:

1. Smoothies: 
Smoothies are a great and healthy way to jump-start your morning for you and your family. The trick with smoothies is you can experiment with different fruits and vegetables and store them in the fridge.

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Don’t limit yourself with smoothies, throw in as many fruits or veggies for maximum nutrient benefits. If you’re not one to experiment try out tested smoothie recipes online and try keeping it simple. Pre-make your smoothies the night before and have it as a to-go on the morning. Basics to making a smoothie is a fruit and a vegetable. You could add low-fat yogurt if you want the smoothie thicker.

2. Cereals: 
Offering a huge package of complex carbohydrates, cereals will ensure that you’re full for a long time. Go for healthier options of cereals like pats, wheat and bran flakes.

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To eat cereals mix with your favorite milk on a bowl. If you want to add an oomph to your bowl  of cereals, incorporate dried fruits such as raisins, fruits like blackberries, seeds such as chia and some low-fat yogurt to thicken or replace the milk. These add-ons will boost the nutritional value of your cereal making you stronger and healthier.

3. Toast: Unlike pancakes, toast is so easy to whip up especially if you have a toaster. All you have to do is place your slices of whole grain bread in the toaster, and follow it up with your favorite healthy toppings.

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You could start with a creamy spread followed by a layer of steamed or raw veggies like lettuce, some fruits like avocado and even fresh herbs like oregano and some diced tomatoes. If you don’t have a toaster you can always use your nonstick pan on medium-low heat to get toast bread.
For a French toast, mix eggs, salt and your favorite spice. Coat both sides of your bread with the aforesaid mixture before cooking it with low-fat butter on both sides.

4. Pancakes: 
Start your morning with a batch of pancakes that are healthy and that will leave you satiated. Although making pancakes can take some time do a prep before in bulk and store them in the fridge for busy early mornings.

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Put them in your microwave or toaster so they can thaw and enjoy them with honey, fresh berries or a spoonful of low-fat yogurt. A trick to fluffy pancakes is to whipping up the egg whites separately then adding it to your batter. If you don’t want to freeze them you could always make a fresh batch of batter on weekends or on not-so-busy weekdays.

5. Pap or Porridge: A hot bowl of porridge is another healthy and sumptuous breakfast deal. Porridge can be made from various flours including cassava, amaranth and even banana added to the usual millet and sorghum flour.

These add an extra taste and increase the nutritional content. Keep vitamins at bay by adding your favorite fruits to your porridge for a whole breakfast experience.

6. Eggs: An egg or two is a good alternative from the norm. With over fifty ways to prepare an egg, choose the easiest and your most preferred method of cooking. Your breakfast eggs may be poached, fried, boiled, scrambled, baked or made as an omelet. Season your eggs with your favourite spices for added flavour.
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