A Plate Of Plantain, Yam And Vegetable Egg Sauce Is The Perfect Breakfast

Plantain, Yam and Vegetable egg sauce is a delicacy so healthy and delicious that stemmed from the zeal for balanced diet and quest for variety.
Plantain adds its own sweetness to any dish, whether boiled, fried or baked. Oh yes, people bake plantains as against frying and they turn out so nicely and you cannot tell the difference in taste. You may just try it out if you are not a fan of fried foods for the family like me. Some of the nutrients found in the banana specie are protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, sugar, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.
Yam, on the other hand, is a whole starch and carbohydrate food, containing Vitamins, minerals, and fibre and it’s combination with vegetable egg sauce provide more protein, fibre and vitamins to the body.
For this dish, we are bringing you two recipes on how to cook it, one with the green veggies and other with carrots and other herbs (Rosemary, Coriander, etc).
Recipe 1:
am, Plantain, Raw eggs, Green bell pepper, Carrots, Fresh Red Tomatoes, Fresh Red pepper, Stock cubes, Salt, Rosemary, Coriander seeds and Carrots, Curry and Thyme, Onions and Groundnut oil.
How to cook
Slice yam, cut into preferred pieces and wash. Slice and cut the plantain into pieces and set aside. Put all in a pot and boil and add in salt. While they are boiling, slice the green pepper, carrot and tomatoes in round shapes to give that fancy look. Dice the pepper and onions and set all aside. Break the eggs into a separate plate, add in salt, seasoning cube, curry and thyme. (You may do these before boiling the yam though). When the Yam and Plantain are all soft, put off the heat, sieve out excess water and cover the pot aside.
It’s best to use a non-sticky frying pan so the shape can come out. Set the pan on low heat fire, pour in the groundnut oil and let it heat up. Add in the onions and allow to fry for a minute. Add in red pepper, stir and fry for another minute, then add in the tomatoes. Add in the coriander seeds, rosemary, thyme, curry and the remaining seasoning cube. Stir all together and taste for the right proportion of salt, seasoning and other ingredients.
Whisk the broken eggs and pour into the ingredients on fire. Add in the carrots and arrange the Green pepper over it then reduce the heat. Add in the remaining onions and allow it cook on low heat. When it’s done, you can dish it out and serve. Your food is ready!A Plate Of Plantain, Yam And Vegetable Egg Sauce Is The Perfect Breakfast Recipe 2:
Yam, Ripe Plantain, Tomatoes, Onions, Pepper, Seasoning cube, Curry & thyme, Eggs, Vegetable oil or oil of your choice (I use olive oil for my cooking), Green vegetable (pumpkin leaves or other types of spinach), Salt to taste
Peel, cut and wash the yams. Boil in water with a little salt and drain when done. Peel and cut the plantain to your desired shape. Fry in hot oil or bake by tossing in a little oil and putting in the oven at 160°C. Blend tomatoes, onions and pepper together and fry on low-medium heat for a little while. Stir continuously in order not to burn. Add the seasonings while it is frying. The seasoning infuses with the stew at this time and brings out the taste.
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Add very little water when the tomato is almost dry. This will help it simmer as you break and beat your eggs. Pour the beaten eggs into the stew, don’t stir yet, cover with a lid. Allow to simmer for a minute before stirring slowly if you want that lumpy eggs in the sauce. Adjust the seasoning and add salt if required, add in the washed green vegetable, stir and remove from heat in order to retain its freshness and nutrients.A Plate Of Plantain, Yam And Vegetable Egg Sauce Is The Perfect Breakfast Photos Credit: Getty

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