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TBT: 5 Top Old Cars In Nigeria That Were Popular In The 1990’s

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 If you grew up in Nigeria and was probably born in the 1980’s or early 1990’s, then you would this 5 old cars were extensively popular in Nigeria, then you most definitely would be able to connect with the cars mentioned in this article.

Those cars some of us would have memories of these cars that our dad’s would get us out of bed early to go wash or clean every weekday morning and special cleaning on Sunday mornings against church.

The “Volskwagen Beetle 1970 model” is definitely a classic and you can still find it scantily on Nigeria roads with it still been used for driving lessons and teachings. So we picked the top 5 Cars that were most popular in Nigeria in the 1990s and would probably and pass as classics in Nigeria.
5 following Cars most definitely That Holds Special Surreal Memories In Our Hearts;
1. Volkswagen “Beetle”:
2. Peugeot 504 & 505:
3. Mercedes Benz 230 &220:
4. Datsun Bluebirds 1981:
5. Volvo 1980 model: Photo Credit: Getty

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