5 Times Beverly Naya Nailed The Lady Boss Look

 Getting ready for the new week means sorting out your clothes and getting ready to serve the most jaw dropping looks in the new week. We took it upon ourselves to raid the amazing wardrobe of Nollywood star Beverly Naya and we found the chicest Boss lady pieces that are perfectly for that office and boardroom slay.
Beverly Naya Nailed The Lady Boss Look
Beverly Naya Nailed The Lady Boss Look
You spend the better part of your time at the office so you  have every reason to slay real hard at work and look your best. There are friendly work outfits you could wear at work and feel comfortable and slay at the same time. We have taken out time to gather a few outfit ideas we think would look pretty on you and also make you look gorgeous. Lets dive right in.
  1. The Cold Shoulder Top and Skirt
    Chic, classy and clean are the three perfect words to describe this fabulous look from beverly Naya. The stunning TV star looks perfectly ready ti take over the week and nail all her goals in these piece. The cold shoulder top shows off her shoulders in a clean and classy with the skirt hugging her curves perfectly. This look is a great choice when you need to transition from work mode to date night or an office event.
  2. Monotone Look
    Monotones are always a delight to see but it takes a lot of effort to create a lasting impression when rocking a monotone fit just like she has done with this look. This simple neutral piece is very easy to pull off and requires little and simple accessories to finish up your look. Beverly Naya finished off the look with a bone straight hair, simple stud earrings, minimal makeup and lovely heels.
  3. The Bold Look
    We love the play of colurs for this look with the mix of brown and red. This look is the perfect way to step out to your presentation as this colours already announce your presence in the room right before you nail that killer presentation. This look is sophisticated, chic and bold.  The Melanin star finished off the look with open toe heel and a dropping earring. The look requires very little add ons because off the strong colours of the outfit.
  4. Suited Up
    Throw on that suit and power up into the room is all we can say about this blue suited up look from Beverly Naya. The suit exudes a lot of confidence with its perfect fit on her body. The Aso Oke inspired suit is a break away from the regular suits we are used to spotting around. The wide legged pants fits perfectly and is the perfect pants to take a confidence walk in. She rocked the suit with a lovely bra top and decided to leave her natural hair to play.
  5. Corset Top and Ruffled Skirt
    This is the ultimate office look and it is perfect for an easy breezy moday but it is still a great way to exude confidence as you begin the new week. Beverly Naya finished the look with very minimal jewelry of a bracelet and earring. Her straight hair is packed nicely to the back drawing a lot of attention to her face. Photo Credit: Instagram

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