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5 Signs That Shows You May Be Having A Miscarriage


5 common signs of miscarriage!

Miscarriage is when a woman loses her baby prior to being 20 weeks or at the 20th week of pregnancy. Although some women do not experience any symptoms of miscarriage at all, below are some possible miscarriage signs any woman could experience:
1. Bleeding: The first warning sign that you may be having a miscarriage is usually bleeding. However, it’s not all bleeding that means you are going to miscarry, because it’s also common in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
2. Cramping: When your cramps move from being mild to severe, something is definitely wrong and it may indeed be a miscarriage sign.
3. Passing tissue or clot-like material: Another way to notice a miscarriage is passage of tissue or clot-like material and this happens 4-5 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Pain in your back or abdomen: Feeling unusual pain in your back or abdomen could also be a bit scary as it’s another sign of miscarriage common among women.
5. Pregnancy signs disappear: Another common sign of miscarriage is loss of pregnancy symptoms including nausea, tender breasts, tiredness and frequent urination.
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