That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why Ladies Go Into A Relationship

Hello my most esteemed SNG fans, it’s not new to ear an average Naija guy say Naija girls are difficult to date, but the thing question is, did you ask the lady what she wanted in a relationship before u both committed to it.

I have taken time to ask why young Naija chaps find it difficult to be in committed relationships with Naija girls they tell you clearly what they want, and what they are not getting from the Naija girls they date, an average Nigerian guy would tell you he wants A girl that can take care of the house, good regular sex, a lady that can support them, stay by side and believe in their dreams.

Now ask a Naija girl what she wants the start giving flagrant answer from the first go-to phrase of “hmmm I don’t” to ehn I want a cute guy, that can take care of me as plenty money, but gives me a lot of attention, spend all daydreaming and thinking of her alone. Now don’t be mistaken they mean to say a tall, dark, pink lipped, well-chiseled soft-spoken guy, that’s what that cute guy means ooo. I have said it over time that an average Naija girl is disillusioned about what they want out of relationship an can’t clearly express their wants.

Yeah! you would think that some of what I mentioned above are some of the things they want, nah not at all explained below are the things an average Naija babe wants out of a relationship realistically;

  1. Sense Of Belonging: Yes sense of belonging, an average Naija girl wants to be in relationship because her friends are also dating or are in relationship.”Peer pressure” this a major factor why girls jump into all types of relationships without clearly defining what they want out of it, all in the name that their friends, younger sisters, cousin, are dating or are getting married they also just want to be in one too. 
  2. A reason to leave her Father’s House: I have met and had sit-downs with quite a number of ladies over the years and when I ask them what’s next for them after university they say get a job and get married, no thoughts of building a career or starting/building a business and growing it to a point where you break even, nope what they want is to just “leave their Father’s house” and be in a particular guy’s house and just transfer the fathers burden onto another man and become his burden.
  3. Someone to pay her “Bills”: This is just a continuation of the previous point, an average Nigerian girl carry around the sense of entitlement, where she believes the moment you asked her out you’ve automatically requested to take up footing a huge chunk of her bills, you can’t then every other characteristic you’ve is useless.

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Or if you can’t foot a major part of it, you’ve to start giving her a significant sum of cash because it’s now your responsibility to do it. If not you’re useless.

4. Regular Sex: Well maybe this on one hand doesn’t seem true, hell yeah it is very true I have come to the realization that a lot of Naija girls love having, getting good sex. So yeah they get into relationships also just to be able to get regular socially acceptable sex.

5. Someone to Love And Accept her “Shitty” Attitude: They want that dude that would lie to them, tell them they’re beautiful whereas they look hideous, they’re out of shape and have got a shitty attitude but want a guy who sees an hiding beauty beyond there shitty attitude.

They would rather they listen to motivational speakers, who speak and need to speak so as to make a living, and bleach instead of waking up and try discovering what there purpose, there reason for waking up everyday. Photo Credit: Getty

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