That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Honest Reasons Why You Should Keep A Side-Chic

Welcome back to every single follower or fan of the SNG, This week we would be discussing a contemporary topic that might divide opinion— Am pretty sure most ladies won’t support this article, Well this article isn’t actually directed at them but rather at resolving the sanity of why a guy should keep an extra lady apart from being in a serious relationship. Another interesting fun fact about this is that its a commonly accepted thought among older women that they actually change their stands the older they get that they actually don’t mind that their husbands have Side-Chics, as longer as he keeps it away from their marriage and away from there home, but this isn’t actually the core of this discussion and would rather be discussed as a topic on its own. Now the question would be why should a married man keep a Side-Chic well i never said married men are invited and encouraged to be unfaithful to their wives, Remember this platform is used to discuss about issues involving single, young men, who are yet to get settled and are still at large or rather Young men who are in committed relationships but a yet to get married legally. Here are the 5 reasons why this aforementioned men should keep a side-chic even though they might be in a serious relationship;

  1. Time spent with them Can Be Used As Stress-Relief: On a serious note being in a committed relationship is serious work and stressful, attached to the fact that you’re a Nigerian and life in general is hard in Nigeria. And an average Nigerian girl is raised to feel that a man must provide and pay her bills once they’re fully committed to each other, which can be stressful sometimes and pressuring especially for a man who trying to achieve certain personal goals and dreams. But am sure some people would bring up that, having a side-chic also means extra spending, Hmmm maybe it is but the thing is going to such relationship and informing the lady you’re in a serious relationship and making her know her place helps easy the pressure she could mount on you because she knows she isn’t the first choice and can be done away with if she becomes overbearing.
  2. Helps You Understand Women: Now another good reason to have a side-chic is that you can use your time spent with her to understand some basic things every woman wants and talk to her diplomatically, and using the discussion with the side-chic to getting insight more about your lady.
  3. Helps You Understand What You Want In A Woman/Relationship:Its one thing to be in a relationship its another to know what you want from that relationship, you could be in a particular relationship because you’ve made yourself come to accept the person you’re with because of pressure and external influence but when you get a side-chic you get the opportunity to compare and help come to a better understanding of what you actually want and not just settle. You might actually be in a very toxic committed relationship but only need to be with someone else to know and understand why you should get out of such a relationship.
  4. A Shoulder To Rest on When You Need A Break From Your Serious Relationship: When You Need A Break From Your Serious Relationship, You’ve Someone To Take Care of your human wants and also have a listening hear when you need one.
  5. And When The Main Chic F***s Up, You Have An Instant Alternative: Well maybe this point would be the most contested but hey its actually true, once the main chic walks out or decides to break your heart well then she would only be doing herself more evil and shooting herself in the foot; Well why because you’ve someone else who would easily replace her as long as she isn’t walking out because of the Side-chic.

Well all of this can only become valid if you can keep both relationship separate and don’t use the Side-chic to judge the main-chic because the side-chic right now is in a position where she wants to become the main-chic and might just be playing a script at helping her achieve an End. And most importantly don’t lose your relationship Because of the side-chic, remember there is a reason why she is the main-chic and the other girl is the side-chic, Stay Woked…Photo Credit: Getty

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