Tuesday, January 18, 2022

5 Fashion Styles Perfect For A Corporate Work Week

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Weekends are great and we just wish that they lasted forever but they are called week-ENDS for a reason and weekends do End!!!. And just in case you didn’t notice the emphasis is on the ‘END’. Well, even though the weekends are usually short and the Work Week slow fun spoiling monster, we need to make money and we intend to help step out for the new week with so much confidence. All you just have to do is slay effortlessly with some of this fashion style tips.

Work week fashion

While we can moan and mourn the end of the weekend and all that it means; the carting away of all party rice with their sprinkle of firewood flavour and the boxing of Aso-Ebis and even the all-night partying with friends, we won’t stick our heads in the sand wishing it away or give the Work Week another win by letting it get another on us by dragging along.

One might wonder how to beat the almighty Work Week at its own game seeing that its forced corporate and all the ‘drab’ it entails on us. But no worries as we have uncovered the secret to beating corporate at its craft.

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We are going to show you how to make fashion your personal weaponry in the war to tackle the Work Week and actually win the battle against its agent, Corporate and its drabby claws with stylish wears that would have work hustle and bustle begging for mercy.


It would be expected that after the unfortunate finish of the weekend, one would go into the new week weary of all that it promises. So, a bright and shiny look would definitely not be anticipated.

The Power-Up Monday look is an efficient combination of a well-tailored power suit, tastefully done make-up and a megawatts smile to blind anything that isn’t positive or encouraging your quest to conquer the Work Week.


After the definite win and its devastating effect the Power-Up Monday look has had on fashionably tackling Corporate, a counter-attack is to be expected. Like the Yorubas would say ‘ mo ja mo sa ni a fi n mo akinkanju’ which means a good retreat/defence mechanism is as important as a good attack in a fight. Therefore, the Armour-Up Tuesday look is quite apt

This look blocks all negativity and stress that would try to counter the victory got on Monday and if effectively done would ensure that there is not much to be done in the other 3 days of the Work Week.

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This look combines a sleek and sharp jumpsuit and an extra dose of positive energy and an even bigger smile to block off all attacks Tuesday might throw.

An extra tip to get energy levels up- with this look in a shade of money green, you’re sure to be smiles all day thinking about all the money you’ll be fashionably making.


This look rides on the effect of good defense the Tuesday look gives. It is a simple and ‘effortless’ combination of a blazer, pants, plain white Tee, animal-print heels and a piece of statement jewellery.

You could also throw on a Fedora for that extra edge.


This look is a pre-freedom celebration centered fashion statement. It could be achieved with a chic pleated skirt and a complementing blouse. Throw on a matching girl’s scout cap and you’re ready for the party.


The weekend is back and you’ve successfully dominated the week. You could pair up this jacket and bold belt with a pair of jeans or a cutesy mini skirt.

This outfit would help you effectively transition into the weekend as it is suitable for a night out with friends just to chill and grab a couple of drinks as weekend starters.

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