4 Ways Sleeping Separately Can Actually Help Save Your Relationship

Sleeping separately, otherwise termed as sleep divorce has caused heated debate over the years. It is greatly based on the link that sleeping together is an intimate act.

Not only do couples do it to feel more secure in their relationship, but also because it goes hand in hand with sex. Most people argue that sleeping together equals a good sex life which isn’t true. Good communication equals a great sex life. Therefore, how can sleeping apart possibly save your relationship?

1. Sleep apnea: If one of you is snoring or has sleep apnea, it may be challenging to your spouse. If anything, it only aggravates your spouse the more. Sleeping in a separate room in this case is more beneficial to both of you. When you elaborate as to the reason behind your separate sleeping, it gets better.
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2. Sex: In matters of sex, sleeping apart for a while can boost your relationship in that, you’ll feel the need to be more deliberate in having sex. You are more aware of what you two are missing and may end up making better effort in solving any conflict then resuming to have a more fulfilling sex life.

3. Work schedules: Consider if your spouse has a different work schedule. If either of you is a lark while the other is an owl, sleeping separately could work in your favor. The best way to go through this is if you communicate about your situation. If your partner is asleep, coming to disrupt them can create resentment. The best way is spending time to compensate for the time apart even if you sleep separately.

4. Family emergencies: Having a family experience that demands you sleep separately is also a factor to consider. For instance, if the baby is sick or you need to attend to a newborn, sleeping in separate beds is inevitable. It can actually help you both let off some steam and not end up actually brewing more hardship within your relationship.

At the end of it all, prioritizing communication with each other is the best remedy.
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