That Sharp Naija Guy: 3 Ways To Know If That Girl Can Move From Side Chick To Main Chick

Side Chick—-Yeah, welcome back my Gees, it’s another fantabulous Wednesday where I give dish out more relationship advice and those tips of how to stay ahead in the Regular-Cookie getting game. So this week I have decided to talk about how to know a lady that is ready to be promoted from just being the Side chick to the Main Chick.

So its news to know that some guys are in more than one relationship, where the dude would have his main chick and also his Side chick which sometimes a Sharp Naija guy could even have more than just one Side chick.

So if you’ve multiple Side chicks and you’re looking the one who could graduate into the Main chick these are the essential traits to look-out for when you want to choose or promote that the next chick to that pedestal. Don’t worry trust me and read below on to know how.

1. Don’t be too available:

When you start to notice that you miss a particular booty, you can’t stop thinking of her and she has in the past worked very hard to get your attention but you’ve been shitty with it, yeah now you know her value then call her give her some attention back and make her feel valued, like you mean it. You know you always miss her when you can’t reach her or have her around. Also, make sure some of the things you want in your lady, I mean basic traits she does has it in abundance.

2. Accept the reality:

Once she accepts the reality that you’ve got other chicks or another lady in your life and accepts that she is your side chick and not the main chick. And she agrees to roll with that, then decides to fight for your love and affection, I mean really hustle to be the main Chick then know you’ve got a keeper.

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By accepting the reality of things, she would cause you fewer problems, You’ve just might actually end up falling for her for all the right reasons.

3. Start Being The Opposite Of The Main Chick and Look Your Best Around Him:

When she starts worrying less that you might leave her, rather she accepts you for who you’re and is Just enjoying her life with you and lets things flow naturally. Then when she is just the opposite of everything the main chick is to you in a relationship.

When she puts in a lot of effort to make sure she always looks exceptionally attractive whenever you go out or even see each other at all, I mean she practically makes you go gaga every time Photo Credit: Getty

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