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Hair Tips: 3 Scalp Exercise For Hair Growth

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If you have ever been the recipient of a scalp massage you will know how refreshing and relaxing it is, this aids blood circulation and in turn, aids hair growth. When it comes to scalp exercise for hair growth doing it the right way is key.

Scalp exercise is similar to the massage you’d get for your neck, shoulder, or arm but for the scalp, it is done more gently and with a hair oil like coconut, almond, jojoba oil, etc. Over time, research has shown that ladies and men who indulge in scalp exercise turn out to have thicker and fuller hair, so if you haven’t been paying attention to your hair from this angle, start now. So here are 3 scalp exercises for hair growth;
Scalp Massage With Essential Oil
This is similar to the traditional massage only difference is that it is done on the hair. As mentioned earlier, make sure to get essential oils like coconut oil and the likes; these oils help to strengthen, revitalize, and grow the hair. This is one very effective scalp exercise for hair growth.
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jojoba oil
Massage While Washing Hair
Massaging while washing hair is another scalp exercise for hair growth that works wonders. One thing to take note of when it comes to taking care of the hair is to never use force or too much strength, everything done to the hair should be done with care.
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scalp exercise for hair growth
Brushes And Massage Tools
Making use of brushes and massage tools is also another scalp exercise for hair growth that avoids the use of the hands.
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