Wednesday, July 6, 2022

#Dialogue: Does The Coalition Stand A Chance In The 2019 Elections?

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Following Oby Ezekwesili’s withdrawal from the presidential race for the main purpose of supporting a strong coalition that would be able to defeat both the APC and PDP in the presidential elections come February 16. Although this is a good step in instigating change, but do they really have what it takes to battle PDP who has been in power for over 16 years? and can they battle these parties who will do whatever it takes to be in power, many believe that they have thugs in every corner of Nigeria and they have money to waste, can Nigeria truly be saved? According to UNESCO in 2015, there are 65 million illiterates in Nigeria, Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, But the only people that buy into the idea of the coalitions, their candidates, the idea of a better Nigeria, the only people that can see that the main political parties don’t have the interest of the country at heart are mostly the educated and the middle class, which is not enough to win the presidential elections. People have argued that the main parties are willing to go to the rural areas and hand out rice and beans in exchange for votes, they are willing to hire thugs to steal ballot boxes but the coalitions who are in the mission of saving Nigeria right now are not able to connect with the 65 million illiterates and the poverty afflicted people, because the idea doesn’t have to do with vote buying and naturally a person’s loyalty lies with those that meet that pressing needs, which is why the main parties have the confidence to treat Nigerians anyhow. So what exactly is the way forward? it probably that most of us that feel that Nigeria can’t be saved should come out and vote for the candidate that is most qualified and has Nigeria Interest at heart and hope for the best.   Photo Credit: Getty

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