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Check Out These 12 Uniquely Mixed Traditional Aso Ebi Bridal Styles

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The African fashion culture is rich and deep, even though a lot of contemporaries are losing touch with it. We are a lover of the African culture, fashion, its fabrics, prints, the unique play and mix of colours are just so surreal isn’t that all we live for. That’s why we’ve carefully researched with attention to detail decided to bring out these 12 stunningly mixed Traditional Aso Ebi Bridal Styles. Traditional Aso Ebi Bridal Styles

Talking traditional we talking about, those smart mixes of the regular Aso Ebi bridal styles, that cuts across multiple Nigerian cultural fashion styles. Something in the mix of a Fulani drape bridal wears mixed smartly with the Yoruba Aso Oke ‘Iro and Buba’.
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Traditional Aso Ebi Bridal Styles

Or rather a nice mix of the Edo heavy coral bead traditional attire nicely blended with the Benue short gouge style. Even the Igbo culture George as gone through a major upgrade from the plain and boring White dramatic sleeve blouse matched with a two-step wrapper to some one-step wrapper but retaining the dramatic sleeves with more colourful blouse.
Yes, the contemporaries are not playing it easy and gentle they want it all and are going for it hard and deliberate. So much to fall in love with, in this catalogue relieve a unique Aso Oke “Oleku” style.

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Go through these well-detailed and curated Traditional Aso Ebi Bridal styles;

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