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10 Biggest And Best Hairstyles, Trends And Ideas For Women In 2020

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The year 2020 has been a pandora’s box with the effect it had on the world but the ladies made it known that come COVID-19 or #Endsars they will ensure to rock awesome and colorful hairstyles through it all. The ladies be killing it from color to style to pattern in the hair department. Trendy Natural Hairstyle

Here are 10 trending 2020-proof hairstyles to make you finally finally get that date;

Dreadlocks: Locally known as “Dada” has obviously won the award of being Evergreen. With how long it has been around and the way 2020 ladies are rocking it on the streets now, it definitely takes the cap. There is just something about a lady on dreads, although dreads require lots of attention but it is definitely worth the attention. It brings out the natural beauty and sexiness of a lady. If you’re not yet on locs, you should definitely try it.

Crochet: The effortless, yet stunning and flexible hairstyle that 2020 ladies are using to get the guys in the market. From the color to the length to the unique patterns, crotchet hair definitely stole and dominated the hearts of ladies and is still dominating. 2020 ladies are rocking it, Don’t be left out #whatsyourcrochet.

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Natural Hair: Can never ever get off the list of A-list hairstyles in the world. Asides bringing out your natural beauty, natural hairstyles are like stress less beauty, its you just you. The level of care and attention 2020 ladies give to their natural hair produces various creative innovation that bring out the beauty of a woman. I give the caps to team natural, they sure are getting the guys.

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Knotless Braids: 2020 would not be complete without knotless braids being in the picture. The hair is neither heavy nor painful just like weaving your natural hair only adding attachments. Although a bit expensive but it gives that sleek and slim look, I bet you he will droll when he sees you on it.

Goddess Braids: The hairstyles of queens in the building. The look the curled attachment gives amongst the braids is ever sexy and just what you need to get him to take you on that special date.

Cornrows: This is also an evergreen hairstyle that refuses to be left out and are just downright sexy.  With the designs, patterns and accessories ladies are putting on cornrows in this period my God, The guys are in for it this December because you will be irresistible.

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Weaves: This hairstyle can never grow old which is why 2020 ladies are taking it all. There is just something sexy about a lady on a well made weave irrespective of the length. Weaves actually go with any outfit and can be packed as desired in some cases. It is just the trending and right hair for that special date.

Ghana Weaving: This is a hairstyle that is stylish, versatile and extremely easy to make. It is a head turning hairstyle and the right one to make him realize its time to take you out on that special date and show you off to his friends.

Packing Gel: The penultimate one whom ‘e dey for young and old’. Packing gel is on the list of not just trending hairstyles but one of the most sexy and appealing hairstyles for 2020 ladies. It is economical and just perfect for that million-billion naira date with that special one.

Twists: Are my personal favorite, it has a way of bringing out that unique beauty in a lady that not all hairstyles can pull off. Ladies everywhere are rocking this right now and the guys can’t get enough of it.

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Alright ladies there you have it, top 10 trending 2020 hairstyles that will make him droll at your beauty and take you out on that special date. With this list, I bet you, you will hit jackpot…

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