Enjoy Snack Time With The Yummy Delicious Dodo Ikire

Our darling KOKO foodies, the weekend is here and it is a good time to relax and be taken care of after a long week of hustling in the city. This week we are switching things up and learning how to make a nice snack from the western part of Nigeria called Dodo Ikire. If you have taken a number of road trips to some western states in Nigeria you are definitely familiar with this one.


  • Overripe Plantain
  • 3 teaspoons pepper
  • Onions
  • Salt to taste
  • Palm Oil for frying

Peel your Overripe Plantain

Mash the plantain till it is slightly pureed. Do not over mash or the Dodo won’t hold. Add the chopped Onion and pepper and mix thoroughly.

Pour the palm oil into a deep pan, place on medium heat.

When the oil heats up, scoop the blended plantain mix into palm oil in small dollops.
When the outer parts of the plantain begins to blacken, turn the heat down to low to allow the inside of the plantain to cook as well, otherwise you’ll end up with soggy insides.

Fry on either side till slightly black. The plantain scoops need to burn a bit to give it the signature Dodo Ikire taste. It is perfectly normal for your Dodo to “scatter” in the oil, simply remold and continue, the taste or texture will not be affected.

Remove from the oil and serve in a plate. Enjoy your yummy Dodo Ikire with a perfect glass of juice.

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