Youths Wake Up, We Can Make It Work – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie
Nollywood actor cum politician Yul Edochie has charged Nigerian youths to wake up to the need of flushing the oldies out of the system and not just sit at home, thinking it can’t work.
Yul, who is eyeing the Presidential sit of the nation without ever winning a Councillor, Governorship, House of Reps or Senate sit said this in a tweet, using Gowon and Ojukwu as case studies.
Noting that Gowon was only 31 when he became the Head of State and Ojukwu 33 when he led the Biafra war, Yul Edochie said sitting at home makes the youths a coward and in this struggle for a better Nigeria, no cowards are needed.
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“Gowon was 31 when he became Head of State. Ojukwu led the war at 33. Youths, wake up. Don’t sit at home & tell me it won’t work. It makes you a coward. And in this struggle for a better Nigeria we do not need cowards. Join us, support the movement & together we’ll make it work”, he tweeted.
Pete Edochie bless Yul for Presidency 2023
Pete Edochie blesses son, Yul for Presidency 2023

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