You’ve Been With 7 Men, None Married You And They Are All The Problem. Sit And Ask Yourself Questions – Actor Michael Uba Advises Tolanibaj


Actor Michael Uba has called out reality star Tolanibaj after she revealed that she dated seven men and none married her.

tolanibajRecall that Tolanibaj, in the recent episode of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast co-hosted by her and actress Moet Abebe, revealed how she dated seven men and thought every one of them was her future husband but they always left her.

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She further noted that all the good men are taken since what is left in the dating pool are remnants.

tolanibajReacting to this, Michael Uba advised the reality star to sit and ask herself if all seven men are the problem.

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In his words: “You’ve been with 7 men and dey are all d problem? Sit and ask urself questions. Sometimes having bad experiences in relationships doesn’t necessarily mean u are a bad person, sometimes u have a poor choice in picking partners, sometimes u don’t know how to date, sometimes u just don’t know wat it takes to keep a relationship, and finally sometimes the only tin u bring to d table is ur coughs….if u know u know.”

Tolani Baj

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