Sunday, December 10, 2023

“You’re Very Mad”, Ifu Ennada Blasts Troll Over 200K Vitamin C

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BBNaija Ifu Ennada just wants to be at peace, licking the Vitamin C she has stashed at home for about 200 thousand naira in just a monthly but obviously, a troll is not happy with her.
Ifu Ennada had taken to Instagram to share a picture of the nutrients she stocked at home, revealing that she has been on Vitamin C for so many years and she hardly falls sick. She then urged her fans to equip themselves with Vitamin C too, as reports have it that it is a preventive measure for Coronavirus.Ifu Ennada
Part of my Vitamin C Stash s. I’ve been on Vitamin C for years and I hardly fall sick. I finally got my entire family on it so when I buy for myself, I buy for them as well I also buy for some of my friends. The brand I used sold out worldwide, so I had to introduce new brands which are mostly what you see in this picture.
This month alone I’ve spent about 200k noire on Vitamin C.
With so many reports on Vitamin C usage In the prevention and treatment of Corona Virus (check my previous posts and my last IGTV video) , this is one of the best times to start your Vitamin C joumey. As for dosage, I can’t give advice on that because what I take might seem insane to the average mind that’s illiterate on VC
“, she captioned the post.The doubting  troll, however, thinks it is impossible for her to have spent that much on Vitamin C and she has wrote, “Today is 25th and you Don spent 200k for vitamin c, just 25days, Ifu fear God because is coming soon“, the troll wrote.
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You’re very mad and illiterate. I don’t need to explain myself to a mentally and financially poverty stricken fool like you“, she fired back.
Ifu Ennada blasts troll
Photos Credit: Instagram/Ifu Ennada
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