Your Two Brain Cell Needs To Be Thawed Out – Helen Paul Fires Back At Troll

 Nigerian entertainer Hellen Paul has put a troll in his place after he came at her for wearing Hijab in one of her comedy skit. The comedienne had taken to her IG page to share a video of herself making a parody of Olamide’s ‘WO’ and wearing a Hijab as a costume for the video. This, of course, did not go down well with a Muslim non-fan who immediately called her out.  The fan wrote; ”Nonsense, why are you like this, must you do your nonsense joke wth religion? Other people’s religion to be precise.. You better be very careful’. Helen Paul clapped back writing; ‘your two brain cels need to be thawed out. Evidently, they are overheated. I’m not responsible for the several nights of sleeplessness caused by the mosquitoes that won’t let you sleep while you keeo slapping your face all night. If you don’t like the vid, go watch some more of the depressing ones you’re used to . Doofus’. Photo Credit: Helen Paul




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