Your Dreams Shall Be Dashed, Your Victory Annulled & Celebrations Short Lived – FFK Curse Joe Biden

Former Aviation Minister and a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, Femi Fani-Kayode {FFK} in his most Sunday morning November 8 cursed out the new President-elect of the United States Joe Biden saying his dreams shall be dashed, his victory at the poll annulled and his celebration short-lived. Femi Fani-Kayode FFK

FFK who took to Twitter to make all of this infamous statements in reaction to Biden’s victory at the US Polls.

Read FFK’s tweets;

”The blue wave has reached its peak & zenith. The red shall rise, swallow it up & overwhelm it.
Joe Biden’s dreams shall be dashed, his “victory” annulled & his celebrations shortlived.
Donald Trump shall do a 2nd term & the Lord’s name shall be glorified” he tweeted

FFK in a post shared on Saturday, November 7, said he despises Biden because he stands for all “evil” things such as abortion and same-sex marriages.

”I continue to stand with Trump and I believe that he will remain President. Why? Because I believe that what is unfolding in America is the biggest fraud in electoral history and in the history of democracy and that it will be exposed for what it is at the American Supreme Court. This is my view and if you like you can hate, insult and mock me for it. Time will tell if I am right or wrong.
Biden represents evil to me for three reasons.
1. He believes in abortion.
2. He believes in same-sex marriage.
3. He seeks to persecute Israel.
Love him all you like but I choose to despise him because I consider these three things to be evil, ungodly and against core Christian values.
Cheer him on and clap for him as much as you choose but I still do not believe that he will ever be sworn in as President of the United States of America.
Even if he makes the magic 270 electoral college votes and people choose to call him the “President-elect” it will still be challenged in court and his so-called “victory” will remain subject to the ruling of the Supreme Court and conditional upon its final decision.
Until that ruling and decision has been made and announced I would suggest that those who are already dancing in the streets and celebrating Biden’s so-called victory should calm down, have a reality check, smell the coffee, get a grip of themselves and keep the champagne in the fridge.
This matter is not over and we still have a long way to go. It is not just a fight for the heart and soul of America but also the destiny of the world. It concerns us ALL and affects us ALL even though we are not Americans.” he wrote

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