Wednesday, June 7, 2023

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Things To Avoid When Your Crush Sleeps Over

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The world is full of friends nowadays, there are way too many friends out there, when it comes to the opposite gender, the worst thing that can ever happen to a man is to put yourself in the friend zone.

Sharp naija guy

As a man, when a lady likes you but is kind of shy to show you, she might want to start by addressing you as a ‘bestie’, but as a sharp naija guy, try to avoid this tag with every strength in you.

A times, the biggest dilemma a guy will face is the true nature of a lady, when this happens, the only way you can be sure of her true state of mind, is if and when she decides to pass the night.

Things To Avoid When ‘Bestie’ Sleeps Over

1) Avoid the long run: The mind of a lady is very cunning and tricky, she might be saying no, while her mind is saying yes. So, avoid random chit chats that’s not sexual. Anything and everything you’re doing should be indirectly telling her that babe, ‘i intend hitting tonight.’

2) Don’t be a friend: One thing that will deny you the chance of hitting is  when you try to play the nice guy. Nice guys don’t get the cookie, nice guys only console the babe when the sharp naija guy hurts her. If she is sleeping over, make sure you are not ‘a friend’, your only focus should be on the prize.

3) Don’t think twice: The mind of ‘a friend’ is always very soft. You might feel, if you make a move, you will ruin the relationship. A sharp naija guy doesn’t think about the consequence, he just make the move and hope for the best.

4) Don’t hold back: After making the necessary moves, of course she will want to prove ‘shy’, you must not hold back, don’t stop until you reach the mountain.

5) Make her want to come back: When she finally allows you to hit, your only job at that moment is to make her keep remembering you. Play, explore and ravage her body so that when next she is with the ‘main’ guy, you are the only thing on her mind.

Now that you know what to do when she sleeps over, as a sharp naija guy I hope you won’t disappoint.

Sharp Naija guy

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