Young Woman Gang-raped By Five Men In Front Of Her Husband

A young woman in India was dragged into a ravine by a group of men and gang raped for three hours in front of her terrified husband.

The woman, 20, who has not been named, was riding with her spouse on a motorbike in Alwar, Rajasthan on April 26 when they were ambushed by the five sex attackers. She was dragged into a nearby gorge where she was raped by the depraved group who filmed the three hour attack.

The five men have all been arrested and a sixth person has been detained for uploading the sickening footage to social media. Speaking with The Times of India, the woman has called for the men to be executed.

She said: “I want all the five men who raped me, videotaped me even when I pleaded with them not to and changed our lives forever in ways in which I will have nightmares about, should be hanged. If there is any worse sentencing than that then it should be given to these five.” The victim, from India’s Dalit community, initially stayed silent about the attack for fear of her parents finding out.

The rape was then reported to the inspector general of police of the Jaipur Range S Sengathir who insisted authorities had not tried to suppress the case. Following the gang’s arrest, the woman’s husband said they refuse to be intimidated by the attackers. He said: “Now, I am not scared of anyone. We will continue the fight. Just getting them arrested is not the ultimate aim but it is to see them being given the death sentence.”

India, which has a population of over one billion people, continues to battle a rape epidemic against young women and girls.

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