Young Housemaid Left With A Rotten Hand After Being Tortured By Her Boss

Nzelibe Onyedike, a Facebook user took to the platform to share the story of a young housemaid in Lagos who was left with rotten fingers after her boss severely tortured her. The case was uncovered when the adolescent went on an errand to the market and was noticed by an empathetic stranger. The stranger immediately alerted the police and a Human Right Organisation who got the husband of the brutal boss arrested.

Here is the narration of the facebook user who shared the story:

“Parents b careful on how u give out ur 9 months labour to Daughters of Jezebel in d name of house help/ Baby sitter.This little gal has been living under tortures: hard labour,poor feeding,bullying,etc with one Mrs Anyakaora….Tenants side,first floor back @ No 12 Dominic Street, Ijegun after Navy town Lagos state.D poor Girl was was sent on errand Yesterday to buy something when a good Samaritan met her in a nearby Store with a decayed,Maggot feasted fingers & intervened by getting HUMAN RIGHTS involved in d case. Her (Mr Anyakaora) Husband is cooling off his head in one of d Lagos state police stations now,as d wife is no where to b found. Mothers,kindly b guided!!! Pls Rebroadcast for d awareness of d Little Gal’s family.

Evil in d sight of God:Maltreatment of a house hlep/baby sitter by her Madam,Mrs Anyakaora…First floor back,Tenant’s side @ No 12 Dominic street,Ijegun After Navy town Lagos State.Kindly rebroadcast pls!!! For d awareness of d Poor little gal’s family. Thanks”

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