You Will Not Believe What Akpororo Did For His Friend’s Father

 Comedian Akpororo has shown just how grateful he is to his friend’s father, Mr. Oluwole by gifting him with a car. The Warri-born comedian, took to social media to share his encounter with the man, detailing just how good Mr. Oluwole was to him. According to the father of two, after his friend Gbenga introduced him to his father, the man allowed him to stay with the family for years until he became successful. Akpororo shared a video on his IG page of the old man’s praying for him after gifting him with the brand new car.

He captioned the video: ”He’s complaining about TV set but he didn’t know God has a bigger plan for him, he thought I bought the car for myself but little did he know that the car belongs to him. Special introduction #roronation that’s MR OLUWOLE he accepted me with love into his house many years ago when his son (gbenga) brought me to him and I stayed with them for years, thanks for being a FATHER and for believing in me, thanks for allowing God to use you in my life. Please #roronation help me celebrate him. #roroking #irepchrist #mrswag#imjustgettingstarted #nademdeyrushus#everywherestew.”  Photo Credit: Akpororo





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