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“You Too Will Die When Your Children Needs You Most” – Liz Anjorin’s Fan Places Curse On Her

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Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin’s fan has fired back at her with some curses after the actress spoke badly about the fan’s dead mother in an Instagram post yesterday. The post which hurt the fan made her strike back with heavy curses on the screen diva.

Read Liz Anjorin’s post below:
“If you respect your mother so dearly dead or alive ??you shld respect other people’s mother …@olami_topmodel I was trying to correct you on this comment and you are behaving as if u need urgent fame ??May Allah punish your late Mother in the grave for not minding your own business during this Ramadan Season. Ordinary thank you, hopeless low life like you can not say to me for assisting a fellow young woman. All you could say is …EPELE MA WHY IS ARIKE CALLING YOU MUMMY BLABLABLABLA? For squeezing myself in this harsh economy to help another young woman to see new world you shall never no peace till the rest of your life. Don’t bring issue of fasting to forgive some fools Prophet Muhammad (SWT) and satan are not friends till now and they can never be. You come to my handle to leave negative comments, you will be brought to book of disgrace here. Be guided..#ISayNoToNegativeCommentsOnMyHandle. #IfYouRespectYourMotherNeverComeToM”

The fan fired back saying:
Liz Anjorin is nothing but a bitter lady, using social media to cure her inner bitterness.
I am writing this cause of my mom ish she included on her post.
My comment on her post has nothing to do with my mom, and non of the words I used should make her post it on her Ig.
I was only stating an observation on the video she posted, and the ” Aunty epele” was for ” arike” who seems tired in the video. I didn’t say it to call lizzy names or to bring her down.
I am a big fan of hers, I know of many Celebrities that I don’t follow on IG, so me following you and using my data to watch your videos and to comment on your posts,should even make you just Waka if my comment didn’t meet you in your good side. Despite all the curses you rained on yourself on the post comment section, all I did was to Laugh at you without saying anything that could make you get angry more, still you have the gut to abuse my dead MOM for real?? Aunty lizzy if I now say you too will die as my mom died when I was 14years old, that you too will die when you children needs you most like in their tender ages and face the cruel world alone without your husband(cause I’m an orphan) , people would say I’m cursing you, which you deserve more than that.
But I won’t say anything again.
And to all the curses as you have said so shall it be for you in Jesus name.
What kind of Alhaja are you?? Sheybi you went to mecca recently, where is the teaching you were being taught in mecca?? Is this the ways they teach you to talk to dead ones?
Well you need to ask for forgiveness from God so you can eat the fruits of your labors.
It’s never being my mom’s wish to die when she died, but God is an unquestionable God, he knows how he does his things.
Despite being an orphan, I am a happy girl.
Aunty lizzy ajonrin please try and learn how to talk to people without planting any seed of hatred, and don’t always refer to a painful past events in someone’s life.

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