“You Need To Apologise For Allowing APC Take Power” – Fani-kayode To PDP

Femi fani-kayode

Aviation Minister Femi Fani Kayode has urged The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to apologize for allowing the All Progressive Congress (APC) to take over power in 2015. This was in reaction to remarks by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, that the corruption of the preceding government destroyed the Nigeria’s economy.

In reply, Fan Kayode, lambasted Osinbajo calling him all sorts of names. He is of the opinion that the PDP ought not to have apologized to Nigerians as they have done nothing wrong. “What is PDP apologising for?Is it the achievements of OBJ or the strides of GEJ? If PDP must apologise for its 16 year rule then APC leaders must get guns and blow their own brains out or take poison and drop dead for the corruption,hardship,bloodshed and evil they foisted on us.”

He said the only thing the PDP needs to apologize for was allowing the emergence of APC. “The apology that PDP offered was ill-conceived and unecessary. What are we apologising for? I was in OBJ’s govt and his achievements were legion. The only thing PDP needs to apologise for is allowing a bunch of rogues, sociopaths and sadists like the APC to take power in 2015.”

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