You Are Not As Successful As Wizkid Nor Have You Done Anything Significantly Successful – Edafe Okporo Comes For Tunde Ednut

Gay rights activist Edafe Okporo who outted actor Williams Uchemba for allegedly defrauding Nigerians has called out another Nigerian celebrity and this time its none other than blogger Tunde Ednut. According to Edafe, Tunde Ednut made a discriminating post about the LGBTQ community. In his words; ”The fact that you have a platform does not mean you should use it to hurt people. Kevin hart did the same and he lost the biggest chance of his life to host the oscar.
#tundeednut your career in music was not as successful as #wizkid your career in blogging is not as successful as #instablognothing you do is significantly successful does that make you not a human being.  Transgender people and cross dresser are different in their own unique way you cannot compare age and gender these are two different thing, just like you tried music, blogging, comedy and now begging does not change the fact that you still remain a human being. Do not mistake my comparison of you trying different things to gender is not binary ask @samsmith for some clarity.
Take your bigotry somewhere else hate has no home here.Photo Credit: Getty


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