“You Are A Very Stupid Idiot, Omo Ale!!” – Kunle Afolayan Blasts A Fan

Popular award-winning movie director and producer Kunle Afolayan isn’t holding back at all as he slams a follower who questioned his latest movie “Citation”, the fan criticised the movie for not having subtitles most especially the part where the actors spoke French. Kunle Afolayan

The Yoruba movie director came for the fan with a sledgehammer calling him a “very stupid idiot”. However, the movie which was released on Netflix, does have subtitles and the follower likely watched on an unauthorized platform and that might just be why Mr Afolayan was that vexed.

The follower wrote: “@kunle Afolayan Citation Is A Great Film No Doubt, But Non Subtitle Of French Part Is A Great Disservice To The Movie.”

And the filmmaker responded: “You are a very stupid idiot. That’s what you get if you keep downloading films from unauthorized streaming platforms. Omo ale.”

Photo Credit: Getty

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