You Are A Mumu! Belinda Effah Slams Social Media Believers

Belinda Effah
Nollywood actress Belinda Effah has called the sect of social media users who take everything to see on the space to heart, believing them word for word and act for act, a fool (mumu).
Taking to the streets of Twitter, she said the things on social media are all fake, especially as people usually post their best sides and not their failures.
Noting that no one dropped from the sky and at such, all things cannot be rosy, Belinda Effah added that it is only people who want quick fixes to their struggles in life that believe everything on social media hook, line and sinker.
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“If you believe everything you see on social media then you are a mumu. If people only post their beat sides and never their failures or struggles . Then it’s all fake. No one dropped from the sky. It’s only people that want quick fix that believe social media lies Photos Credit: Getty

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