Yorubas Residing In the North Deny Allegiance To Oduduwa Republic

Recently, the Yoruba Liberation Command called for their region to be declared the Oduduwa republic which would be a country on it’s own.However, the Yoruba people in 19 northern states of the federation have said that they are not part of the new development. They further denied being approached and consulted before the announcement for Oduduwa Republic was declared. The Yoruba people residing in the northern part of the country have warned those who are clamoring for the “Oduduwa Republic” that they are not part of this development. Led by the acting president-general , Dr Jimoh Aiyelangbe the Yoruba communities in the 19 northern states and Abuja said they should be counted out of the agitation. “Our president general died recently and before he passed on, he never discussed anything like that with me or any principal officer of our association”, he said. “So, as far as Yoruba communities are concerned here in the North, we are not behind the agitation for Oduduwa Republic. The agitators should rule us out of it, we have not had any discussion with anybody about Yoruba secession and therefore we are not supporting it,” he reportedly said adding that they were better off in Nigeria. “You know, when a young man is looking for money, he will use any opportunity that comes his way. But even at that one has to look for a better way to earn money. To be honest with you, the agitators of Oduduwa Republic are looking for nothing but money,” Aiyelangbe said.Photo Credit:Getty

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